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Top 10 Women With a Cause in the Movies

Article: Top 10 Women With a Cause in the Movies

Even today, female film characters often get the short end of the stick, stereotyped, robbed of agency or shunted to supporting roles. There are, of course, women who break the mold… and then there are the ladies who shatter that old thing pieces on their way to get stuff done. Healers or killers, historically based or entirely made-up, the women in these 10 films have one thing in common: a cause worth fighting for.

Julia Roberts is officially a Grand Dame

Article: Julia Roberts is officially a Grand Dame

America’s ‘90s sweetheart, Julia Roberts is entering a sort of grand dame phase, which is interesting as she unexpectedly ages into character-actor territory.

Once the fresh-faced star of dramas and rom-coms—and the loveliest prostitute in ages in 1990’s PRETTY WOMAN—Roberts was an appealing ingénue with a smile that brightened any screen and a fascinating ability to laugh and cry at the same time. I always thought she was a good actress—not just a good movie star—and was beside myself when she won the Oscar for 2000’s ERIN BROCKOVICH, playing a fiery legal assistant with cleavage and chutzpah.