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“THE APPROVAL MATRIX” Recapped and Revealed (Fame Monster)

Article: “THE APPROVAL MATRIX” Recapped and Revealed (Fame Monster)

Littered with off-color jokes about motor-boating Kate Upton, references to Helen Mirren as a “POA” (“piece of ass”), and a punchline that cites Liberace “before the AIDS,” our taping of THE APPROVAL MATRIX: “Fame Monster” felt like a hilarious bonus reel from a buddy-reunion comedy about a group of frat brothers who are all grown up, but only sort-of matured…

“THE HONORABLE WOMAN” Recap: Episode 2 (The Unfaithful Husband)

Article: “THE HONORABLE WOMAN” Recap: Episode 2 (The Unfaithful Husband)

Eight years ago. In a holding cell in Gaza, Nessa and Atika wake to the sound of a man screaming.

Cut to present day. Nessa sleeps with a bodyguard filling in for injured Nathaniel. She then reveals she has deduced the new bodyguard’s identity: an undercover MI5 agent working for Sir Hugh.

“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 2 (Sleeping Giants)

Article: “RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 2 (Sleeping Giants)

In a death row flashback, Daniel receives a brochure of DOC mental illness guidelines. He angrily recites “proper prisoner behavior” as he hurls and shreds his books.

In Daniel’s hospital room, Janet remarks how friendly the hospital staff is. Amantha reminds her they’re not in Paulie, where everyone wants Daniel dead.

At the Talbot residence, Teddy proposes a plan to increase the tire shop’s declining revenue by renting out tire rims. Ted Sr. balks at the upfront investment costs. Teddy then brings up the elephant in the room: What will they do if Daniel becomes a vegetable?

Which “RECTIFY” Season 1 Episode is Your Favorite? Vote Now

Article: Which “RECTIFY” Season 1 Episode is Your Favorite? Vote Now

After nearly 20 years on Death Row, Daniel Holden is thrust back into the world as a free man. RECTIFY Season 1 chronicles his first six days of freedom. Which episode is your favorite? Vote below.

“loredana, esq.” recap: episode 2 (naked and afraid)

Article: “loredana, esq.” recap: episode 2 (naked and afraid)

This week’s episode is bedrock Loredana: Ferocious. Fangs out. Focused. And on fire!

Up first is Mike Mingolello. Mike is an old family friend of LD. Everyone calls him “Chunk.” (Don’t ask me. I don’t know why.) Late one night, LD gets a call from her brother Robert saying that Chunk has been arrested. (Rob says he doesn’t know what the charges are when he calls.) He needs our help. This is a first for Chunk. No prior arrests. Completely out of character. Anyway, LD and Robert bail Chunk out, and as they are walking away from the police station, Chunk gives his side of the story: Late last night, just off work, he stops by an ATM to get some cash. He then gets so spooked when he is approached by three guys that he pulls out his concealed firearm and chases the guys off. Well, the three guys decide to call the cops and when the cops arrive, Chunk gets spooked again and takes off. A police chase ensues and somehow a police officer is assaulted and a police dog is bitten! (He bit a canine with his canines!)