Documentary Screening: Green Long March

Article: Documentary Screening: Green Long March

Catch a great new documentary about a green movement in China. Led by the next generation of Chinese environmentalists, this movement is making the future of China brighter with each passing day. Below you will find the contents of a press release from Cinereach. We are proud to announce that our documentary, The Road Ahead:…

Will Ferrell's Green Team

Article: Will Ferrell's Green Team

Will Ferrell has been making hilarious video shorts for awhile now. His latest creation is a spoof on over-the-top environmentalists who are seen to be invasive in their attempts to convince others to be more aware of their environmental impacts. This latest video features Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly And Adam Mckay playing the parts…

THE GREEN Meeting #9 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #9 Recap

Sundance Channel Island in Second Life was full of life on Tuesday, June 12th. The week’s theme was KIDS and environmental refugees. Some pretty great questions were raised concerning how kids are so central to the environmental movement. They are basically the reason that many of us environmentalists are so interested in being green. In…