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Miraculous Economic Growth In China Ending?

Article: Miraculous Economic Growth In China Ending?

Spiegel Magazine Online has recently run a very interesting interview with China’s Deputy Minister of the Environment: Pan Yue. The topic of the interview is the relationship between economic growth in China and the correspondingly rapid increase in pollution and resource scarcity. Is Mr. Yue making the case that the economic growth boom in China…

Energy [R]evolution

Article: Energy [R]evolution

In a world where nothing seems to happen unless somebody, somewhere, gets really rich for signing papers, there is finally hope for global environmental health. A new joint report has been released by the European Renewable Energy Council and Greenpeace. This report states, among other things, that the U.S. could create electricity consistent with rising…

THE GREEN Meeting #9 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #9 Recap

Sundance Channel Island in Second Life was full of life on Tuesday, June 12th. The week’s theme was KIDS and environmental refugees. Some pretty great questions were raised concerning how kids are so central to the environmental movement. They are basically the reason that many of us environmentalists are so interested in being green. In…