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Keystone XL and jobs: just more pipe dreams

Article: Keystone XL and jobs: just more pipe dreams

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This week the GOP leadership, once again, has sided with Big Oil against the will of the American people. They are trying to circumvent President Obama’s decision to further investigate the impacts of the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. GOP leadership is instead advocating for granting the permit now, or else they will hold up important legislation meant to benefit real people’s real lives.

They want you to believe it’s about jobs, but that’s not what the facts bear out. Just take a look.

Sex toys to celebrate Earth Day

Article: Sex toys to celebrate Earth Day

Fun Factory’s rechargeable Delight
What better way to celebrate Earth Day today than to experience those earthly delights that come from safe, environmentally friendly sex toys? Just remember what eco-qualities to look for when choosing your party stick:

Safe materials: You want toys made from non-toxic, non-porous, hypoallergenic, medical-grade, pure materials. Avoid phthalates at all costs (those plastic softeners that make a toy wreak like a vinyl shower curtain or a new car). And just because the packaging mentions silicone doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a bunch of toxic additives. Look for toys made from 100% silicone, surgical steel, safe metal, solid glass, hard plastic like acrylic, or wood.
Rechargeability: Consider all the batteries you’ll never have to use and throw away when you invest in a rechargeable toy, like Fun Factory’s Delight. Even better: the self-powered, hand-cracked Earth Angel vibe!

How to make your love life green and sustainable

Article: How to make your love life green and sustainable

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day coming up tomorrow, April 22nd, we had a chat with Stefanie Iris Weiss about her new book Eco Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable.

How does going green improve your sex life?

If your sex life has gone stale, greening it up instantly relights the spark. Green is healthy, and being healthy automatically grants you a superior sex life. You’ll have more stamina, a heightened libido, a slim, sexy body. What could be better?

How can you make dating more green?

When prepping for a date, use paraben-free products made from USDA-certified organic ingredients, or even better, go DIY and make your own. When it comes to the traditional dinner date, choose restaurants that serve locally grown, organic, sustainable and fair-trade food. Try a vegan or vegetarian restaurant or a homemade feast of raw or vegan food to seduce your lover. And when you’re on your way to meet your date, opt for public transportation, bike, or walk to your rendezvous point. Leave the car at home — you can find a new version of the back seat if you get that far.

Green Job Details

Article: Green Job Details

There has been ample discussion about the need for Green Jobs in the Obama Administration’s stated plans for the U.S. economy. What exactly is a green job? If you boiled down the basic definition of Green Jobs, you would find the following maxim; a green job is any job where the environmental impact involved in…

Brita Climate Ride

Article: Brita Climate Ride

Brita cares about cleaning the environment as much as it cares about providing great products for making your home a healthier place to live. They have been serving consumers who look for high quality water filtration systems. Not content to stop at providing clean water to millions of people, Brita sponsors events that bring the…

Simran Sethi Featured on Equilibrium Television

Article: Simran Sethi Featured on Equilibrium Television

Simran Sethi, our knowledgeable host of THE GREEN, has been featured in a video on eq.tv (equilibrium television). The video gives a great introduction to Simran’s ability to weave story into environmental coverage. As environmental news can be a little too boring and factual, the introduction of narrative elements can spice up this news. The…