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Recession Remedies from The Lazy Environmentalist

Article: Recession Remedies from The Lazy Environmentalist

Josh Dorfman, the talented writer and upcoming host of the Sundance Channel Original Series THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST, will be attending the BookExpo America Conference this Saturday. Josh will be signing copies of his new book The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget: Save Money. Save Time. Save the Planet. In the book, Dorfman will show us…

H.2O: Environmental questions with Maude Barlow of the United Nations, part three

Article: H.2O: Environmental questions with Maude Barlow of the United Nations, part three

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This is a continuation of part one and part two of our interview with Maude Barlow, Senior Advisor on Water to the President of the UN General Assembly.

Question 9: Why do you think most governments in the world are finding it very hard to create and enforce environmental protection laws for industrial corporations that operate under their jurisdiction?

Maude Barlow: Governments around the world (with some recent exceptions) have assumed that what is good for their corporations must be good for the general well-being of their society. While it is true that a healthy economy is important, it is not necessarily true that this wealth is best generated by large transnational corporations who move their production to low wage countries and “externalize” their costs by dumping their waste into the environment. Governments must break their ties – including as funding sources – with big business.

Chelsea Green Author Contest

Article: Chelsea Green Author Contest

Chelsea Green Publishing is a leader in publishing and nurturing books that center around sustainable living and information. On the one hand, writing books on environmental topics is a great way to employ oneself; on the other hand, it educates people about the very important topic of environmental awareness. You could be like Rory McMullan,…