Top 10 radical career changes

Article: Top 10 radical career changes

Feeling trapped in your job by this ersatz excuse of an economy we’ve been slumming with for half a decade? You’re not alone, but you’re also not as cornered as you think. If you have the drive and passion but just need a little inspiration, there’s still plenty of opportunity to get a job that suits you. Here are a few examples of people who made major changes midway into a career. Sometimes you just have to say screw it and pursue what makes you happy.

Top 10 recession-proof jobs

Article: Top 10 recession-proof jobs

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It’s tricky to predict what industries are impervious to a recession. Even organized labor’s future seems uncertain in ways. But here are a few jobs, off the beaten path, that have proven to keep workers afloat during stressful times, like the ones we’re experiencing right now. See if any of them speak to you.

Green tech finds: Architects to the rescue!

Article: Green tech finds: Architects to the rescue!

Can good design save the world? Well, maybe the Great Lakes, anyway. That, plus community-based solar, clothing recycling, and more: your green tech finds for the week.

The DIY bike seat: Ever wanted a second seat on your bicycle, without investing in a tandem? Or just carrying space without a trailer? Israeli designer Yael Livneh has you covered with his concept made from a used plastic milk crate. He’s entered the concept in Designboom’s Seoul Cycle Design competition. (via Unconsumption and @dothegreenthing)

Occupy the sun: We generally think of solar power as something that individual home and building owners do, but Francesca Rheannon at CSRWire takes a look at community-based efforts to adopt solar technology.

Do bike lanes create more jobs than roads?

Article: Do bike lanes create more jobs than roads?

When the subject of infrastructure improvements as job creators come up, the examples are almost always the same: roads and bridges. No doubt we need improvements there… but a new study from the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst suggests that bike lanes may provide a bigger bang for the buck in terms of job creation.

Cards of Change: inspiring business cards

Article: Cards of Change: inspiring business cards

In these tough economic times with depressingly high unrelenting unemployment, Cards of Change is a website that attempts to empower the unemployed and the laid-off and inspire them to engage their circumstances as an opportunity. This website, started by Tom Van Daele, a former creative director at TBWA/Chiat/Day before he was laid-off, attempts to do…