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I love Elvis … Mitchell

Article: I love Elvis … Mitchell

I’m in my hometown of Cave Creek, Arizona prepping a short film, and since my parents have internet service dating back to the dial-up Pleistocene, I’ve been seeking alternative media outlets. (A shock to one’s internet-addicted system, for sure.)

One pure joy, and happily corresponding with my immediate need to don the director’s hat, is listening to Elvis Mitchell’s radio show on movies, popular art and entertainment, “The Treatment” on KCRW.com. I’m listening to pod casts of show after show after show, walking the rural desert streets, watching big trucks with horse trailers fly past me … and fast. Elvis’s soft voice in my ear, guiding me through ways in which to think about contemporary movie making, is the perfect companion on the road.

A Good Day To Be Black In Indie?

Article: A Good Day To Be Black In Indie?

Elvis Mitchell, Orlando Bagwell, Danny Glover, Melody Barnes, Katrina Browne, Nick Cannon Park City, UT — On Tuesday, January 22, former New York Times critic and co-creator of the film THE BLACK LISTintroduced a panel of filmmakers, activists, and policy makers to a more than overflowing crowd at the Film Lodge. The topic for the…