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Article: FULL FRONTAL FASHION highlights

Johnny Weir at the Independent Spirit Awards In an exclusive interview with FULL FRONTAL FASHION, Johnny Weir talks about Hollywood fashion, meeting Elton John, and his possible career in fashion. Elizabeth finds love — in African-print lace-ups from a company called Osborn. … Speaking of love — don’t miss this weeks Fashion Love Story with…

Scissor Sisters' Invisible Light

Article: Scissor Sisters' Invisible Light

A few weeks back I wrote about the Scissor Sisters’ show at Bowery Ballroom here in Manhattan. The super-gay band of misfits have announced their upcoming album and have debuted a track from it, “Invisible Light.” The album Night Work is not out until the end of June, but I am jonesing hard for it…

Scissor Sisters return

Article: Scissor Sisters return

The gayest band in the world, Scissor Sisters, are heading back into the spotlight. You may ask, Bradford, how can you call Scissor Sisters the gayest band in the world? Hmm. Let’s see. Disco cover of Pink Floyd. Collaborations with Andy Bell of Erasure, Pete Burns, Kylie Minogue, and Elton John. They got their start…

Somebody Feed James Cameron's Wife. Seriously.

Article: Somebody Feed James Cameron's Wife. Seriously.

James Cameron with his wife Suzy Amis on the red carpet before the Oscars

Maybe I’m just getting too old and cynical for the Oscars. Heh. When you see Joan Collins out every night, you do start to wonder – what the sam hell is going on? This post will be briefer than the lasts as, well, baby is hungover. Yes, I know. AGAIN. There does seem something so wrong about Oscar week in LA. The abundant narcissism and back slapping is fricking hilarious (“Good Job! That movie you made was awesome! Forget curing cancer – you are the best person alive! Especially because you are so rich and pretty!”).

Pre-Oscar Parties: A Blur of Vodka, Cigarettes, Lawyers and Space Heaters

Article: Pre-Oscar Parties: A Blur of Vodka, Cigarettes, Lawyers and Space Heaters

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio

When will I learn? Every year I go to LA for the Oscars saying, “I’m not gonna go too crazy…” Right. Because of Mushie (Musharraf) I didn’t get to go to Nicolas Berggruen’s party at the Chateau Marmont – which is a shame. It sounded hilarious. Gerard Butler was there hitting on anything that was an actual woman that moved (what’s new?) while the women only wanted Leonardo DiCaprio. That shit always makes me laugh. It’s like 3 am at a frat party with two targets. And at this point, Gerard Butler is so gross, only the sluttiest of women are into him. It’s been YEARS since 300 and let’s be honest – those years ain’t been good to him (ed. note: Man Boobs!) And Leo? I don’t get it.

Gaga meets the Pet Shop Boys

Article: Gaga meets the Pet Shop Boys

It seems Lady GaGa’s not had enough of gay pop star collaborations. A mere weeks after her dueling piano duet with Elton John at the Grammys GaGa showed up at the BRIT awards, the UK equivalent to the Grammys, and performed with the night’s honorees, The Pet Shop Boys. GaGa filled in for Dusty Springfield…

Never meet your idol (unless his name is Elton John)

Article: Never meet your idol (unless his name is Elton John)

From left to right: Josh Sapan (Rainbow Media), Martin Katz (Prospero Pictures), Lynne Kirby (Sundance Channel), Sir Elton John, Evan Shapiro (IFC/SUN), Mala Chapple (Sundance Channel) Sarah Barnett (Sundance Channel) and David Furnish.

I usually have a rule: If you love someone’s work NEVER meet them. Seriously – I’ve suffered too many disappointments over the years. And really – if you know someone’s a walking septic tank – how can you enjoy their work afterwards? It’s like Pearl Cleage wrote in Mad At Miles, “How can you celebrate a genius in the face of a monster?” But this week has proven the rule wrong. Twice. First Danny, now Elton John.

Last night, Rainbow Media and the Sundance Channel held a big dinner at the Stein Erickson Lodge and my Tiny Dancer was there (he executive produced SPECTACLE ELVIS COSTELLO WITH… along with David Furnish) with hubby David Furnish – who once came to my 30th birthday party with Cornelia Guest at the Sunset Tower. He didn’t remember, but who cares? I got the pics to prove it!

George Michael comes clean about being anything but

Article: George Michael comes clean about being anything but

George Michael is a troubled soul and a talented musician. Unlike many artists in the same boat though, Michael does not hide his demons. He once famously made a song and video lampooning his taste for public sex and his arrest cruising public restrooms (see the video and song “Outside”). And he remains in the…

Final Words On Spectacle Season One

Article: Final Words On Spectacle Season One

So, this is the end of the line for Spectacle’s inaugural season. It started with Elton John and wraps up with Smokey Robinson. They’ve had a few hits between them. Elton and Smokey book-ended a veritable who’s who of singers, songwriters and giant personalities (including a President of the United States), thoughtful and passionate all…