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PUSH GIRLS take over Ellen and score some fly rims

Article: PUSH GIRLS take over Ellen and score some fly rims

We’re only a few days away from the premiere of PUSH GIRLS (Monday, June 4 at 10P, obviously) and the ladies are taking over daytime TV. Angela and Mia stopped by Ellen today to talk about the show and their own experiences with paralysis. Check it out:

The Gr8 Debate

Article: The Gr8 Debate

Photo by Jennifer Morrow, used under a Creative Commons license.

No one gets a crowd to mingle and chatter better than the Gays, stereotypes be damned. So when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Proposition 8 was just a hate monger of a bill that looked to treat a section of tax paying Americans and their families as second class citizens, the bull horns and boutique hand soap boxes came out of the closet faster than the freshman class of High School for the Performing Arts. Everyone got to talking, tweeting, instagramming, and expressing them selves in anyway they felt prudent.

Ellen scares her guests

Article: Ellen scares her guests

Watch this hysterical video montage of all the various times that Ellen scared her guests on her show with costumed surprises. Richard Simmons’ response is particularly amazing. Speaking of scary, I think this costume was the scariest of them all this year.

Simran Sethi

Article: Simran Sethi

Award-winning eco-expert and freelance journalist Simran Sethi is both a co-host and writer for Sundance Channel’s THE GREEN [www.sundance.tv]. Simran is the Lacy C. Haynes Visiting Professional Chair at the University of Kansas, School of Journalism, where she currently teaches a course on Media and the Environment and a contributing environmental correspondent for NBC News.…