Jeff Mills' vinyl CD

Article: Jeff Mills' vinyl CD

Jeff Mills’ latest album “The Occurrence” combines the digital and analog experience in a limited edition hybrid disc with one side compatible with a normal CD player while the flip side is a 5” vinyl. This is a unique presentation with a gimmicky, but compelling value add for his core fans, while also providing a…

The Crystal Method: Exclusive "Behind-the-scenes" look at Divided By Night

Article: The Crystal Method: Exclusive "Behind-the-scenes" look at Divided By Night

Comprised of Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan, THE CRYSTAL METHOD is one of the best-selling electronica bands in the United States. They’ve come a long way since their debut album, Vegas (’97), which went platinum…a feat that most electronic bands can only dream of. Having earned their reputation for creating explosive live sets throughout the 90′s, the duo has gone beyond studio mixing and DJ-ing to scoring film, television, and video games. During a hiatus following the release of Community Service II (’05), Kirkland and Jordan took a break from live performance and focused on other projects like their first original motion picture soundtrack for LONDON, Nike’s Drive: Nike + Original Run, and the deluxe edition of Vegas which contained various remixes.

Divided By Night is their latest album and is their “re-introduction” into performing live sets once again. Recently seeing them in concert, Lara Marsman of BILLBOARD.COM said that they “still perform as they did fifteen years ago, even after a five-year hiatus, demonstrating why they are the original gangsters of electronic music.”

Read more about The Crystal Method and view the exclusive behind-the-scenes video!


Article: CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, electronica-style

The YouTube user Fagottron is a hugely talented musician and video editor who’s been putting out amazing rhythmic edits of classic-film footage and putting a dance beat underneath them. His latest is the one below, based on the original CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. It’s not quite as good as the incredible MARY POPPINS edit…

Moby – Video Blips

Article: Moby – Video Blips

Wait for Me – Moby’s new album to be released Tuesday, June 30th

Check out these cool “video blips” from Moby’s new album, Wait for Me:

‘Jltf 1′ Blip from Moby on Vimeo.

Moby and David Lynch – Dynamic Duo

Article: Moby and David Lynch – Dynamic Duo

While listening to filmmaker David Lynch speak at the BAFTA Awards in February 2008, Moby had an epiphany. Lynch’s message – creativity for its own sake is a beautiful, wonderful thing – was a simple one, but it hit Moby with the force of the Zen master’s cane. “At that moment, I decided to just…

Moby – Exclusive Re-Mixed Track from Upcoming New Album Wait for Me

Article: Moby – Exclusive Re-Mixed Track from Upcoming New Album Wait for Me

Moby Moby recently introduced a select group of fans in New York to his new album Wait for Me with a listening party at the Hayden Planetarium. Nestling back in our stadium seating we literally spent the next hour plus staring into space, mesmerized by the deftly choreographed interstellar flybys as they ebbed and flowed…

Magical remixed "house" of Disney

Article: Magical remixed "house" of Disney

Aussie “Pogo” is creating a bit of buzz on the Internet with his electronica music video remixes of old classic Disney songs. I’m absolutely loving his most recent effort, “Expialidocious” from MARY POPPINS. Be sure to check out his other remixes at his YouTube page.