So You Think You Can Dubstep?

Article: So You Think You Can Dubstep?

Garo Sparo, couture fashion designer.

We know what you’re thinking: “How can I possibly celebrate my love for club culture in between the all new episodes of UNLEASHED BY GARO?!”

Here it is, ladies, gents and gender benders — The Gossamer Swatch Session Mix Tape. Coming to you once a week as tribute to couture fashion designer Garo Sparo. Watch as Garo, part-time psychiatrist and full-time dream weaver, helps his clients battle their inhibitions and unleash their true selves in our all new original series UNLEASHED BY GARO. Fridays 9p.

Check out this week’s mix tape below.

Pogo goes "Up"

Article: Pogo goes "Up"

Pogo (previously discussed), noted for his previous remixes of classic movies into electronic music, is back and this time applies his talent to one of my favorite movies of 2009, UP. I particularly liked what happens at around the 1:30 mark. Speaking of UP, the Internet collectively lost its mind over this amazing Russell costume.…

Music video: Uffie, "Pop the Glock"

Article: Music video: Uffie, "Pop the Glock"

American-born, French rapper and singer Uffie recently debuted her first music video for her catchy song “Pop the Glock.” If the song sounds familiar it might be because it received some attention when it first came out in 2006, but even three years later (eons in Internet time or “hella old” as one YouTube commentor…

Remixed hook

Article: Remixed hook

Pogo is back (previously) and is causing quite a stir online again with his latest electronic interpretation, this time using Spielberg’s childhood classic take on Peter Pan, HOOK. This Australian is really carving out quite a niche for himself on the Internets.

New band from a New Order

Article: New band from a New Order

Bernard Sumner has been a prolific musician the last few decades. He was a member of the iconic Joy Division which became the even more iconic New Order after the suicide of JD’s Ian Curtis. Word of New Order’s demise left a foul taste in the mouth of techno-pop fans across the world. Now, there…