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Electric luxury: Sweet rides that need no gas

Article: Electric luxury: Sweet rides that need no gas

If you’re looking for a practical car that’s inexpensive to operate, you may be checking out some of the new generation of electric vehicles: Though they’re still a bit pricey, cars like the Nissan LEAF are designed as solid, day-to-day transportation. But if you want something sleek, or something sporty, something that turns heads… you’ve got to go for something that runs on gas, right?

Green tech finds (11/12/09)

Article: Green tech finds (11/12/09)

Recycled bridges, “road trains,” and baby poop power… this week’s green tech finds!

Electric cars: an answer for climate change… right? According to Britain’s Environmental Transport Association, that may be a flawed assumption if the electric grid remains largely c0al-powered. (via AutoBlog Green)
The push-powered snow mover: If you think the available options available for shoveling snow are bad (either shoveling, or snow blowing), check out the Snow Wovel. (via Green Tech Pastures)

Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: Shai Agassi

Article: Majora Carter's ECO HEROES: Shai Agassi

Shai Agassi courageously works to change the nature of transportation in Israel; Mr. Agassi’s company has the eventual goal of expanding their operations to countries all around the world. As founder and CEO of Project Better Place, Mr. Agassi created his business based on the idea that consumers can support a shift from fossil fuel…

Mobile Power Station: Solar Blimp

Article: Mobile Power Station: Solar Blimp

In light of the Myanmar cyclone disaster, providing power to a region that has lost all public utilities is clearly something the world community could use. One invention has been created to do just this; you can feast your eyes on this solar-powered blimp that can even fly by remote control (useful for providing aid…