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Less is More (Except When It Isn't)

Article: Less is More (Except When It Isn't)

So, we can all agree that less is more [], right? It is — we’ve got some more high-level examples below — except, when it isn’t. What? 1) Okay, first of all, we’d encourage you to keep this in mind []: “The key to sustainability is simply to use less, and the key to happily…

Home Energy Use: By the Numbers

Article: Home Energy Use: By the Numbers

It’s easy for people like us TreeHuggers to sit back and say, “Follow our advice; be greener; it’s better.” We have good reasons for saying so — things like using less energy, reducing greenhouse gas output and lowering our individual and collective ecological footprint — but those are sometimes difficult to contextualize and put into…

Big Idea: Living Small

Article: Big Idea: Living Small

TreeHugger is often asked variations of what we know as the “million dollar question”: “If there was one thing I could do to save the planet today, what would that be?” While our answers tend to skew toward something along the lines of “change your lightbulbs []“, when it really comes down to it, nothing…