Nau teams up with The Bamboo Bike Project

Article: Nau teams up with The Bamboo Bike Project

As if Nau, the Oregon-based “eco-friendly activewear and outdoor clothing” gurus couldn’t get any cooler, check out the pop-up shop in Soho, which boasts not only a great-looking space (think lots of wood and raw materials) but has been home to a number of impressive events over the last month, featuring activism organizations, designers like…

"Eko," the green traffic light

Article: "Eko," the green traffic light

They say we spend a combined 6 months of our lives waiting at red lights. To make that time a little easier to sit through is this year’s winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Eko, Damjan Stankovic’s “ecological and economic traffic light concept.” An easy to install circular time keeping device surrounds the red light…