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We wish we lived in a world where people sent these cards

Article: We wish we lived in a world where people sent these cards

“Where would be without romance?” writes the blogger responsible for the awesome (and free!) e-card site WrongCards.com. “Probably living less dramatic lives with more compatible people and much more realistic expectations.” If that sounds like the kind of guy you want writing your greeting cards, then you need to check out his site. The romance section is our favorite, and it exists, they say, because “when people start to get themselves into a romantic mood, all good judgment evaporates. And that’s where we come in.” Sure, the whole site is kind of a joke, and the majority of the cards aren’t really ever ended to be sent (except in jest). But many a truth is told in jest, as everyone — and especially sex advice writers —  know. In these hilarious, kinky, weird, and freaky cards, you’ll find more honesty, sincerity, and passion than in an entire warehouse of the Hallmark variety. If only we were all truly able to communicate like this in relationships, the two of us would be out of a job. Here are a few of our faves:

Mother's Day Idea: E-Card

Article: Mother's Day Idea: E-Card

Holidays and special occasions like Mother’s Day are a great time to connect with the important people in your life. Take advantage of Mother’s Day by sending a Green E-card now. Eco-mmunity has a fun Green E-card feature that can help you reach out and thank your mother for bringing you into the world. Make…

Fun and Creative E-Cards Launch in Eco-mmunity Website

Article: Fun and Creative E-Cards Launch in Eco-mmunity Website

There is a new feature available on the Eco-mmunity. Green E-cards are a wonderful way to communicate with past and present friends. There are many natural backgrounds and lots of placeable items that can spice up your Green E-card. You can type messages in your E-card with crossword puzzle style letters. Everything is adjustable in…