Top 5 Christina Hendricks Movies

Article: Top 5 Christina Hendricks Movies

Christina Hendricks’ portrayal of Joan Harris on Mad Men turns heads for sure. But the talented redhead — who just earned her fourth Emmy nomination — is so much more than an hourglass figure and a pen necklace. To wit, her top five movies.

Theme for an imaginary world: DRIVE and low-tek nostalgia

Article: Theme for an imaginary world: DRIVE and low-tek nostalgia

For all the hype and praise DRIVE received, even without Ryan Gosling undressed, the film really is a refreshing Hollywood release that focuses on the darker personalities and fringe aspects around town. Compared to other highlights of 2011, this film was made on a shoestring budget of $16 million. FYI, Johnny Depp received $20 million to star in THE TOURIST—sad. But DRIVE’s real success rests in the fact that it became the catalyst and poster child for a sub culture of low-tek nostalgics that have been working independently, and are now seen as using the same vocabulary to create a vision of the world. It’s the BLADE RUNNER affect all over again.

The strange world of DRIVE

Article: The strange world of DRIVE

DRIVE, Nicolas Winding Refn’s hyper violent, crime movie/love story is an extraordinary piece of work. The words that infiltrated my head while watching? Robots and bubblegum. Refn has created such a uniquely strange world. Everything is either soft and pillowy or luminous and plastic. It’s so stylized and clean that even the blood looks delicious.

Ryan Gosling, who plays a part time stunt driver who’s a sucker for romance, behaves more like a robot than a human. Line after line, Gosling waits a beat before delivering his dialogue so there’s not a single moment of…