Downton Abbey

Forget Chinese Gossip Girl, here are some shows we want to see exported

Article: Forget Chinese Gossip Girl, here are some shows we want to see exported

If you still watch Gossip Girl, you’re either a 15-year-old slightly behind on the trends or a really loyal fan of the show. Update: Serena is still awful, Blair married a prince and this show is coming to China. I’m not sure how the show will translate for Chinese audiences, but I’m certainly excited for it. For example, how will they go shopping at Prada for ridiculously high-end couture without Prada? Oh, wait. They have Prada in China? This might work. Will Chuck Bass’ famous line, “you’re like the Arabians [horses] my father used to own: rode hard and put away wet” have the same unbelievable creepiness when spoken in Mandarin? I’m willing to bet yes, and I’m willing to find out. In fact, I’d love to see even more television shows remade overseas. Here are some of my ideas:

Snitches of Downtown Abbey

Article: Snitches of Downtown Abbey

I feel like King Solomon on Sunday nights lately where I have to make the difficult decision as to whether I want to watch some NFL football or the latest pop culture rage (at least in some pastoral corners of the blogosphere). It just so happens to air on PBS, something you don’t hear too often. You know it’s a sensation when the New York Times does a trend piece on it, which they did with a recent article about viewing parties being held for this show. This phenomenon is a British import called Downtown Abbey.