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Top 5 Maggie Gyllenhaal Movies

Article: Top 5 Maggie Gyllenhaal Movies

Thanks to her unique and compelling on-screen presence, Maggie Gyllenhaal can be quite the scene-stealer. In honor of her thrilling new SundanceTV limited run series, THE HONORABLE WOMAN, we’ve picked her top five movies. Which is your favorite?

How some parents ruined Easter for their kids

Article: How some parents ruined Easter for their kids

For most kids, Easter was a joyous weekend that could rival Christmas for its delivery of gifts in the form of a bounty of candy. For a few, however, Easter wound up a horrifying, and possibly scarring event. Take, for example, arrested for illegal possession of narcotics?

5 (other) Sundance films that would make awesome cartoons

Article: 5 (other) Sundance films that would make awesome cartoons

When I heard that Sundance Film Festival alum and total cult classic NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE was going to be made into a Fox cartoon, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Holy 2004, did I time travel back to high school?!’ However, when I found out that the show was going to feature the exact same cast as the movie, I thought: hey, this might be pretty funny, I’m glad Jon Heder has nothing else to do but voice a character he played eight years ago. I like Jon Heder, especially when he played that psychic in that Mark Ruffalo flop “Here On Earth.” He deserves to have some more fame and fortune (and hopefully he will with his return trip to Sundance in FOR ELLEN)! So does that guy Pedro. Sure, the movie might be a bit aged, but it still has enough one-liners and catch phrases to be quoted on Facebook profiles, and I still laugh sadly every time I think about a liger, so hey, why not? And why stop there? Here are some other cartoon ideas for past Sundance Film Festival hits, because you never know what might be adapted next: