New memes: Shaming man's best friend, plus Mitt goes little

Article: New memes: Shaming man's best friend, plus Mitt goes little

For a while there was a popular meme involving cats and slices of bread. That might be a reason to give up the Internet entirely, but some (bored?) cat owners began photographing their cats with slices of bread worn around their seemingly content furry feline heads. Well, now (disobedient) dogs are in the meme spotlight. Dog owners have been submitting photos of their misbehaving pooches with signs explaining their misdeed over at Dog Shaming. Hey, dogs that dig through the trash: Just because you are known as “man’s best friend” doesn’t exclude you from taking responsibility for naughty behavior. That said, it is tough to stay mad too long at these dogs — aw, look at that face!

DARLING COMPANION is the latest in movieland's obsession with dogs

Article: DARLING COMPANION is the latest in movieland's obsession with dogs

Dogs have always made great screen icons because they get an automatic “Awww” reaction from the vast majority of moviegoers. (Except for me, that is. I find them annoying and generally don’t even want them in the same room. But enough about me.)

Balancing dogs vs Balanced dogs

Article: Balancing dogs vs Balanced dogs

“Now, tell me… who owns the Internet?” asked @sfsutcliffe on Twitter to which I replied “Cats and 4Chan.” This is largely true, but occasionally dogs get their time in the meme spotlight as is the case with Tiger, possibly the most patient Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog mix in the world. Tiger has his own popular Tumblr “Food on My Dog” and like its title explains Tiger patiently allows his owner, Andrew to put all manners of food on its head. And for some reason the Internet is loving this. You do not ask why a meme happens, but you just learn to accept it. When I initially saw this I thought this was a bit torturous for Tiger but after reading Andrew’s explanation it makes me wonder just who is training whom.

Adorable photos of fashionable puppies in Park City

Article: Adorable photos of fashionable puppies in Park City

Dogs love indie films. That’s a fact. My aunt has two labradors who are big Almodóvar fans. But, they’re not really snobby about it. They enjoy big budget Hollywood movies, too! They’ve never been to Park City, like the dogs in this gallery, but maybe one day.

Driving in cars with dogs — A cinematic dedication

Article: Driving in cars with dogs — A cinematic dedication

Dogs in Cars from keith on Vimeo.

As a person deathly allergic to cats, I’ve had it with all you cat lovers clogging my Internet sinuses with all your cat videos and image macro memes! The distinction between cats and dogs was best elucidated by Christopher Hitchens who passed away over the weekend. He wrote, “Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are god. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are god.” It’s about time someone let the dogs out (how terrible was that song by the way?) and New York filmmaker Keith Hopkin created just the thing to kick off the dog days of the Web with his latest short film.

Give your pet a QUIRKY little Christmas

Article: Give your pet a QUIRKY little Christmas

We spoke to your dog. And he’d really appreciate it you didn’t buy him some sweater for Christmas. It’s just, you know, he thinks it is really undignified to dress an animal up like that. But, and I swear these were his words, the folks at QUIRKY came up with a pretty great pet problem solution that would make an excellent stocking stuffer.

Green (and quirky) pet products

Article: Green (and quirky) pet products

We pet people can be particular about the products we purchase for our furry (or feathered or scaly) friends. We not only want products that work, but that also make our pets happy and comfortable. So, when the team at Quirky works with a concept for a better retractable dog leash tonight, dog owners might want to take a look – and keep an eye out for the Kosoku leash at your favorite pet supply store.

Porn for women (must love dogs)

Article: Porn for women (must love dogs)

Don’t worry, no pets were harmed (or diddled) in the making of this porn. The Men and Their Dogs blog is exactly what it sounds like: photos of men with their dogs — making kissy faces, taking bubble baths together, or just being emo-artsy. Kind of like those Porn for Women and Porn for New…

Mailman photo project

Article: Mailman photo project

USPS mailman Ryan Bradford has been documenting and snapping photos of the various “friendly” neighborhood pet dogs he encounters during his routes. I doubt this will be optioned any time soon by Disney for a family friendly animated film. [Via]

Saddest dog portraits ever. Ever!

Article: Saddest dog portraits ever. Ever!

Martin Usborne’s photo essay of dogs left alone in their owners cars is a total heartbreaker for us dog people. You cat lovers can take your callous and cold indifference to another website. Kidding!

Capote and a puppy

Article: Capote and a puppy

There’s so much WIN in this undated photo of a stylish Truman Capote nuzzling a content puppy. I think this is the same dog that Capote references in his various letters published in “Too Brief a Treat: The Letters of Truman Capote,” such as in this one to poet John Malcolm Brinnin in the summer…

OK Go does it again (sort of)

Article: OK Go does it again (sort of)

OK Go just released their new video for White Knuckles. It’s not quite as cool or intricate as some of their other videos, plus all the dogs make it a little precious (maybe you have to be a dog lover to really appreciate it). But if we try to be objective, than we realize our…

Sniff: Interactive digital dog

Article: Sniff: Interactive digital dog

Created by Karolina Sobecka and software design by Jim George, SNIFF is a light projection of a 3D dog that also happens to dynamically interact with the viewer. As you walk down the street you are approached by a dog. He is on his guard trying to discern your intentions. He will follow you and…