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This Week on THE GREEN

Article: This Week on THE GREEN

BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET: BUILD Building is an important part of the green movement. Some things can be rebuilt into eco-friendly places while others have to be made from scratch in order to obtain LEED certification. Recently, Kodak Film has demolished old factories and have started building new, hi-tech factories in their place.…

THE GREEN Meeting #4 Recap

Article: THE GREEN Meeting #4 Recap

A very green avatar spotted at our recent events! The GREEN meeting this week was very lively, and people asked many questions about Green clothing. Feeling good about what you are wearing can be quite important, so perhaps in this case “looking good” is all about “feeling good”. Simran Sethi happily fielded questions from the…

Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: WEAR #2

Article: Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: WEAR #2

Just in case you’re missing green in your system, here is another virtual dosage to keep that veggie-diesel heart running. Oh, and while we are whirling about with a symbol-studded club, make sure to watch THE GREEN tonight. It’s so inspirational it might even make your dreams green. ECO DOCUMENTARY: ART FROM THE ARCTIC This…