Dance Party with Brooklyn's Bass Sweetheart

Article: Dance Party with Brooklyn's Bass Sweetheart

Jubilee. Photo Credit: Jubilee’s Official Site.

How was the dance party you had with the sounds from last week’s mix tape? Awesome? Yeah, we know. And we also know you’re a fiend for more delicious beats.

The second installment for all you ladies, gents and gender benders is here — The Gossamer Swatch Session Mix Tape Series. Coming to you once a week as tribute to couture fashion designer Garo Sparo, all thanks to our lovely friends over at Garo’s workshop.

Watch as Garo, part-time psychiatrist and full-time dream weaver, helps his clients battle their inhibitions and unleash their true selves in our all new original series UNLEASHED BY GARO, Fridays at 9p!

Check out this week’s mix tape below, brought to you by Jubilee.

Hoer Board's DJ table

Article: Hoer Board's DJ table

Hoer Board’s DJ table is simply delicious. If Apple was a DJ equipment this is what their DJ console would look like. Missing are screws, wires, and general messiness of DJ set ups are replaced with this piece of furniture from the future. It makes me want to learn how to Dj, simply to have a reason to buy it. Which with a price tag of around $2,000 it better be a very good reason.