Distrikt Hotel

LOVE KILLS DEMONS, a film in 12 parts

Article: LOVE KILLS DEMONS, a film in 12 parts

LOVE KILLS DEMONS is a series of twelve short films by Jim Helton, the editor of BLUE VALENTINE, who followed artist Chris Rubino off and on for a full year, documenting his studio, his creative process, individual projects as well as his body of work as a whole. It’s an incredible feat of filmmaking and a tour de force for Rubino, who insists that even though he didn’t find the project invasive ([Helton] is quite low key with his cameras which really allowed me to just work and not think too much about the filming…It was a special experience work with this crew around me. All of these guys are like brothers), he did remark that “due to the speed that I was working in this film there was a higher amount of spontaneity in the work,” producing pieces that were different than if he was “left 100% on [his] own.”

Chris Rubino for the Distrikt Hotel

Article: Chris Rubino for the Distrikt Hotel

The word is getting out. Opening up a hip hotel in the city? Hire Chris Rubino. Last year the NY-based artist was commissioned to do a series of canvases for the recently opened Ace Hotel, a 12-story boutique hotel in a renovated historical building in Midtown Manhattan.

The Distrikt Hotel, Rubino’s latest venture, is also located in Midtown but has a distinctly different feel.