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How to improve phone sex without saying a thing

Article: How to improve phone sex without saying a thing

We’re frequently asked by readers how they can get into phone sex. They tell us that they don’t know what to say, or how to say it, or how to initiate it — but most of all, they tell us that it just feels so strange and silly and isolated to be sitting there with your iPhone for company, not sure if the person on the other end of the phone is checking their email and and half-listening you while you moan and dirty talk your little heart out. (We suppose that’s what Skype is for? But if you can handle Skype-sex then you’re a braver human being than either of us.)

Top 10 most underrated sex acts

Article: Top 10 most underrated sex acts

After more than a decade in the sex writing biz, we have seen our share of sexual gimmicks come and go. Today, we would like to highlight ten perennially under-praised sex acts. Think of it as under-doggie-style! (See yesterday’s post for the Top 10 Most Overrated Sexual Acts).

Using lube. It’s not a crutch, it’s not “insulting” or “slutty” or “presumptuous” to keep some in your nightstand, and it makes sex better for everyone. What’s not to love?
Manual sex. A.k.a. “hand jobs,” though we think that calling it that undermines all the heavy lifting they’re capable of doing in the bedroom. And look, Ma, no STDs!

How to write a love letter, by Georgia O'Keeffe

Article: How to write a love letter, by Georgia O'Keeffe

Blue Flower, 1918

We’re not surprised in the slightest to discover that Georgia a-flower-is-never-just-a-flower O’Keeffe was quite the steamy letter writer. Her love letters to the (ahem, married at the time) photographer and modern art promoter Alfred Stieglitz have just been published as part of a new exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The two married eventually, and Stieglitz cheated on O’Keeffe eventually, too, so we guess karma already did all the judging for us. Which means that we can just read the letters as inspiration — look what happens when you don’t let Hallmark do all the drudge work for you:

Said In Bed: as awkward as the act

Article: Said In Bed: as awkward as the act

Photo: camiodefractal In our fantasies, dirty talk is always perfectly executed–suave, sexy, and just the right amount of funny. In the real world, though… not so much. And don’t even get us started on the things people say after they’ve done the deed. Said In Bed peers into the awkward, horrifying, and occasionally endearing world…