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A Sundance Channel premiere: Rufus Wainwright's PRIMA DONNA

Article: A Sundance Channel premiere: Rufus Wainwright's PRIMA DONNA

During the last 12 years, Rufus Wainwright has established himself as one of music’s most mercurial talents, fearlessly challenging convention and famed for soaring melodies and haunting lyrics. While preparing his most ambitious project, a full-fledged opera entitled PRIMA DONNA, Wainwright and his famous family — father Loudon Wainwright III, mother Kate McGarrigle and sister…

Interview with Kris Lefcoe, director of TINY RIOT PROJECT

Article: Interview with Kris Lefcoe, director of TINY RIOT PROJECT

TINY RIOT PROJECT director Kris Lefcoe.

Sundance Channel recently sat down for an interview with Kris Lefcoe, the director of TINY RIOT PROJECT. What started as a music video for a small Canadian band ended up installed at some of the most prestigious art galleries and venues in the world suck as Art Basel Miami, Havana Biennale, and Galerie Tomas Schulte Berlin. Watch TINY RIOT PROJECT at Sundance Channel’s Digital Shorts.

What was the inspiration for TINY RIOT PROJECT?

Lefcoe : A few years ago I had a vision of an army of Care Bears and Coppertone girls attacking kids. I wanted to re-contextualize these sweet and cuddly icons as a bastion of corporate power. I ended up dropping the Coppertone girls and going for more of the Saturday morning cartoon plushies.

Why did you choose stop motion over other forms of animation, even live action?

Lefcoe : Stop motion is just so charming, so endearing. The viewer is drawn into this magical world, it’s irresistible. So it was the perfect medium, a surprising juxtaposition with the violence and political critique in the film. But it’s dangerously addictive. After shooting it, I wanted to shoot everything in stop motion.

Cassidy Loves Moby Premieres on

Article: Cassidy Loves Moby Premieres on

They’re finally here, episodes 1 and 2 of’s newest series of digital shorts, CASSIDY LOVES MOBY. In these first two episodes, we are introduced to Cassidy, an intense little doll, that has been haunted by recurring dreams of musician and recording artist, Moby. Compelled to understand the meaning of these visions from her unconscious, she embarks on a quest to meet Moby at Sundance in Park City, Utah where he reports he will be in attendance in his blog. Will Cassidy find her answers? Will meeting the man of her dreams bring her peace of mind? Will she and Moby hook up?!? Find out by watching the first two episodes in this hilarious 4 part series.

Breakfast: A New Sundance Channel Animated Series

Article: Breakfast: A New Sundance Channel Animated Series

Introducing BREAKFAST, an original web series created exclusively for Sundance Channel.Com. Each of these ten animated episodes continues the saga of Greg and Christian, two incredibly ignorant film students at Manhattan Community Art College as they attempt to produce a senior thesis film.

Cassidy Loves Moby: Online Mini-series

Article: Cassidy Loves Moby: Online Mini-series

CASSIDY LOVES MOBY is a series of four short films starring Moby and a curvy plastic Barbie-type doll that falls in love with him at the Sundance Film Festival. The films were shot on location at Sundance ’08, where Moby appeared and performed with his band “The Little Death.”