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Animated mash-up GIF "music" video

Article: Animated mash-up GIF "music" video

Ani Up – Animated Gif Mashup from Evan Roth on Vimeo. Evan Roth created this bizarre, but brilliant video mashing up a few items from the “low brow” pop-culture menu. He incorporates the popularity of animated GIFs typically used as avatars on message boards with a robotic 8-bit re-voicing of MOP’s song “Ante Up.” The…

Penelope Umbrico's 5,537,594 Suns

Article: Penelope Umbrico's 5,537,594 Suns

What do we think about pulling information from the Internet, organizing it by subject and calling it art? Penelope Umbrico’s text-based piece, “All Catalogs (A-Z), 2002-03,” is a list of every single mail-order catalog in existence at the time the piece was created, totaling more than 15,000.