Sundance Channel Sews Up Another Season of Joe Zee Fashion Series ALL ON THE LINE

Article: Sundance Channel Sews Up Another Season of Joe Zee Fashion Series ALL ON THE LINE


Original Series Starring Creative Director of Elle Joe Zee
Will Conclude its First Season on May 24th
New York, May 24, 2011 – Sundance Channel announced the renewal of ALL ON THE LINE, the fashion-rescue series starring Creative Director of ELLE Joe Zee. The series wraps its first run on Tuesday, May 24th at 10:00PM ET/PT.

Since the series premiered in March, Sundance Channel has exposed viewers to the always intense and not so glamorous, behind-the-scenes world of fashion designing. Behind the glamour of the red carpet are tears, hard work and passionate designers struggling to shine in a world of hopefuls. In the second season, Zee will be faced with the daunting task of working with a new group of designers with the same problem; a glitch in their design or business that is putting them at risk of losing it all. He hopes to encourage designers to stay true to their vision, while recognizing when their design or business plan is standing in the way of their commercial success. Feeling like experts in their own right, not all of the designers will be up for the challenge of accepting Zee’s constructive criticism, causing tension and sparking emotion.

Sundance Channel EVP and GM Sarah Barnett commented, “ALL ON THE LINE stands out among fashion programs because it’s based in the real world, with real stakes and real results. Viewers have embraced this authenticity, are enamored with the unpretentious fashion genius Joe Zee and look forward to seeing him back in action.”

Comic sans comically rears its head during LeBron spectacle.

Article: Comic sans comically rears its head during LeBron spectacle.

The spectacle surrounding LeBron James’ nationally televised decision to leave Cleveland for South Beach had something for everyone, including graphic designers and aesthetes. After LeBron’s LeBum’s announcement, Dan Gilbert, the jilted majority owner of James’ former team the Cavaliers, wrote an open letter tirade on the Cavs website which had the Internet and Twitterites abuzz (currently a top trending topic) not only for the content, which called his former star “narcissistic,” “heartless and callous” but for the particular infamous and comical typeface Gilbert used. Journalist Jennifer 8. Lee (yes, her middle name is awesomely a number) tweeted this older WSJ article about Vincent Connare, the creator of Comic Sans, the much used and equally hated typeface popular not only in “grade-school fliers and holiday newsletters, Disney ads and Beanie Baby tags, business emails, street signs, Bibles, porn sites, gravestones and hospital posters about bowel cancer,” but also with owners of professional basketball teams.
In 1994, Mr. Connare was working on a team at Microsoft creating software that consumers eventually would use on home PCs. His designer’s sensibilities were shocked, he says, when, one afternoon, he opened a test version of a program called Microsoft Bob for children and new computer users. The welcome screen showed a cartoon dog named Rover speaking in a text bubble. The message appeared in the ever-so-sedate Times New Roman font.

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Article: Full Frontal Fashion highlights

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The Future of Flat Pack: You're the Designer; You're the Builder

Article: The Future of Flat Pack: You're the Designer; You're the Builder

One of the things we like best about flat pack is the low common denominator from which all of the designs start: a flat material. This simplifies just about everything, from the materials selection, to the manufacturing and transportation (shipping) process, to the construction and maintenance of the product. It’s better now, but, in the…