Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode remixed

Article: Depeche Mode remixed

Depeche Mode, the U2 of electronic music, is releasing a remix album this summer. And I am freaking out!

The 4-disc set will feature remixes of tracks from all their albums, spanning 81-11. Included will be new and old remixes. The band’s releases have also become a wonderful study on package and graphic design. By the looks of the above image, this release continues on that tradition. Here’s to a summer of Depeche Mode blaring from speakers in gay clubs across the world. More info below:

Billie Ray vs. Vince Clarke

Article: Billie Ray vs. Vince Clarke

Sweet suburban disco(vince clarke remix) by billie ray martin Billie Ray Martin is releasing a new single next week, “Sweet Suburban Disco,” and this little blog had something to do with the above collaboration (click on the link to listen!). Billie’s been a friend of mine for a decade now. And Vince Clarke, the legend…

Hurts so good

Article: Hurts so good

Hurts is the band that is taking Europe by storm and you’ve probably never heard of them. In traditional music industry fashion, we here in the US are kept out of the loop of emerging bands. Don’t worry, Hurts will eventually get here, since the conquer the rest of the world. The album Happiness is this year’s best.

Yazoo Reconnected

Article: Yazoo Reconnected

Vince Clarke‘s record label sent me the new Yazoo cd, Reconnected, last week. Clarke, the iconic songsmith of Depeche Mode, Yaz, and Erasure, has been featured here on SUNfiltered before. When he and partner Alison Moyet reformed Yaz/Yazoo in 2008 for a world tour it was as if the gay gods had answered many a…

Target Ain't People

Article: Target Ain't People

By now you’ve heard, over and over again, about Target and Best Buy donating money to an anti-gay Republican candidate in Minnesota’s governor’s race. They’ve taken a lot of heat, yet have not backed down from their decision.

Vince Clarke's cabin

Article: Vince Clarke's cabin

Vince Clarke, though not gay, is a gay icon. He was a founding member of Depeche Mode. He created Yazoo with Alison Moyet. And as one half of Erasure, he’s been part of one of the most out and proud musical groups ever. Clarke typically gets less press than the lyricist and lead singer of…

Depeche Mode remaining relevant with videos

Article: Depeche Mode remaining relevant with videos

Depeche Mode “Hole To Feed” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Depeche Mode, relics of techno-pop, survivors of the 1980s are still crafting fantastic, and relevant, music. While surfing, of all places, Kanye West’s blog, I came across their video for “Hole To Feed” from their most recent album Sounds of the Universe. It says something that Kanye is citing the band as an inspiration.