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Denis Villeneuve's INCENDIES

Article: Denis Villeneuve's INCENDIES

Like two other films I posted on in the past year, Jacques Audiard’s A PROPHET and David MichĂ´d’s ANIMAL KINGDOM, Denis Villeneuvie’s INCENDIES is a film of epic proportions. The story follows a young French Canadian woman (MĂ©lissa DĂ©sormeaux-Poulin) and her twin brother (Maxim Gaudette) as they investigate the past of their now-deceased Lebanese mother (Lubna Azabal), who turns out to have lived a life far more dramatic — and traumatic — than her children ever imagined.

Sundance Film Festival follow up: ANIMAL KINGDOM

Article: Sundance Film Festival follow up: ANIMAL KINGDOM

When you say the words, crime family, I doubt if anything besides THE GODFATHER springs to mind. That’s why when writer/director David MichĂ´d made ANIMAL KINGDOM, his film about the downfall of an Australian crime family, he wisely avoided the epic romance of the Corleones and veered sharply towards the naturalistic. While there’s a lot at…