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David Hockney paints with iPhone

Article: David Hockney paints with iPhone

Andrew Hearst previously talked about David Hockey’s iPhone paintings here. His Daily Mail link appears to be dead now, but I came across another article about the prolific artist and his new painting medium. Using the Brushes application he’s created gorgeous iPhone paintings that look like watercolors. The New York Review of Books’ Lawrence Weschler documents…

The Hetero-normalizing of art giants

Article: The Hetero-normalizing of art giants

Modern Art Notes, Tyler Green’s modern & contemporary art blog, has an interesting post about some seemingly glaring omissions in the mainstream press regarding the sexuality of some of the world’s most famous artists. First noting that most obituaries of Robert Rauschenberg omitted the fact that he was gay when the artist died last May, Green goes…

Larger than life: Hockney and 100 Homos

Article: Larger than life: Hockney and 100 Homos

If you’re lucky enough to summer on Long Island this year be sure to visit boltax.gallery on Shelter Island. From June 20 to July 6 the gallery is home to a 3rd solo show by the artist Don Florence titled “Them,” a group of paintings dealing with themes of celebrity and worship.

David Hockney's iPhone paintings

Article: David Hockney's iPhone paintings

The Daily Mail tells of how the celebrated artist David Hockney has been creating mini-paintings on his iPhone and emailing them to friends.  Pretty tech-savvy for a 71-year-old: [via TUAW]