David Foster Wallace

Book covers and the bikinis that match them

Article: Book covers and the bikinis that match them

Bikinis have finally met their match: Matchbook.nu has cleverly juxtaposed swimsuits in online stores with book covers that match. Not intentionally. I especially like that each comparison includes the first line of the book. My favorite is the example above, featuring David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, which has been the Bane to this Batman. The first sentence of Infinite Jest?
I am seated in an office, surrounded by heads and bodies.
Now that is an opening line.

The top 10 effed-up sex scenarios of David Lynch

Article: The top 10 effed-up sex scenarios of David Lynch

Never let it be said that David Lynch takes sex lightly. To quote the man himself: “Certain aspects of sex are troubling — the way it’s used as power, for instance, or the way it takes the form of perversions that exploit other people.” And those “certain aspects” seem to be the only ones that interest Lynch. In his world, no one ever cracks up in bed after an inopportune fart ruins the moment. But no one has glamorized, Hollywood-ized, unrealistic sex either. “Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical,” Lynch said once, “but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way.” And by “flat” he either means “more fake than a declaration of true love on THE BACHELOR” or else “specializing in female subjugation, exploitation and masochism.” Whatever the case may be, the kind of sex his characters have — and the kind of sex his movies deal with — are best described as simply Lynchian, a term which has been defined as “having the same balance between the macabre and the mundane.” This top 10 list, in chronological order, should help further explain:

Based on books: Sundance Channel gets literary this week

Article: Based on books: Sundance Channel gets literary this week

What do these four films have in common? They’re all based books (okay, in one case it’s a play). We’ll break down the necessary details and you watch the films and tell us which is better: the book or the movie?

Directed by: Gillian Armstrong
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, Ciarin Hinds and Tom Wilkinson
Based on the book by: Peter Carey
How you know him: He also wrote True History of the Kelly Gang, which won him his second Booker Prize- the first was for Oscar and Lucinda. In fact, he’s one of only two writers to win it twice (the other is J.M. Coetzee). He also collaborated on the screenplay for Wim Wender’s UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD…

Brooklyn Book Festival

Article: Brooklyn Book Festival

Without flair or pomp, without digital or electronic exhibitions, without special guest DJ’s or celebrity spokespersons is the very refreshing annual Brooklyn Book Festival. This Sunday Brooklyn Borough Hall will be dedicated to all things literary, all day long. This means lectures, and lots of them, many without visual aids (gasp). The day kicks off…