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10 reasons why we love Samantha Bee

Article: 10 reasons why we love Samantha Bee

She posed in a bee costume for the cover of her new memoir, i know i am, but what are you? And still manages to look kinda hot in it.
She’s a fan of pubic hair. “Our body looks weird without it,” she told The Frisky. “Vaginas don’t look that nice to me without it. Like, little girls have cute vaginas. But lady vaginas, you need a little hair. It makes it look better. I just resent being told I’m supposed to do something with my pubic hair. Fuck off! It’s my thing. If you don’t like it, let’s move on. I don’t like you.”

Introducing Voices On The Election!

Article: Introducing Voices On The Election!

Welcome to Sundance Channel’s Voices On The Election site. It’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric of the election and we don’t claim to have answers. Instead of approaching the election from one angle or another we decided the best angle would be to reach out to artists, political rabble rousers and thinkers and…