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New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

Article: New York City's gayest and proudest (photos)

The Bois and Gurls over at Heritage of Pride felt it appropriate to use the theme “Spread the Love” for New York City’s 43rd annual Gay Pride parade. It was the first parade for New Yorkers since same-sex marriage became legal, which charged the air like it was the summer of love. For the singles in the crowd, it was nothing short of a miracle the way organizers and participants made monogamy look sexy. Check out our full report and more pretty pictures than you can shake a stick at:

Celebrities speak out

Article: Celebrities speak out

There have been a slew of videos uploaded by celebrities of all walks of life this week in reaction to the five suicides by young gay men in the past couple of weeks. The videos are very emotional and powerful and draw attention to the growing problems, since, you know, Obama has yet to pipe up on the issue.

I have collected my 3 favorites: Sarah Silverman, Cyndi Lauper, and Kathy Griffin.

Girls Just Wanna Sing the Blues

Article: Girls Just Wanna Sing the Blues

Cyndi Lauper‘s an icon known for reinvention. Not in that chameleon-like way Madonna’s done it over the years. She’s reinvented herself musically: downtown punk pop turned into adult contemporary into disco diva into standard interpreter to her current incarnation, full-throated blues singer. The squeaky-voiced woman with many octaves went to Memphis and caught up with…

Lauper loves Lady

Article: Lauper loves Lady

Cyndi Lauper’s all over the place these days. She’s hilarious and batty on The Celebrity Apprentice. And she’s finishing up her new album of Memphis blues songs. And she’s penning essays for Time.Yes, Time. In this smart essay, the onetime freak-flag waving newcomer, passes her crown over to Lady Gaga. As one of Time’s 100…

Keith Haring

Article: Keith Haring

With little fanfare or media attention the 20 year anniversary of the death of Keith Haring came and went this week. It is a bit of a shame as Haring’s legacy remains strong. Even though Lady GaGa and Cyndi Lauper have been working the talk show circuit drumming up conversations about AIDS, the disease seems to have dropped off the public radar. Yes, it may be less deadly, but it is no less an issue and a problem. Haring stands as a symbol of AIDS. Gone too soon. A young talent lost. His art was a precursor to the Kid Robot generation.

Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Article: Gaga and Lauper go Glam

Michael Musto has used this space to talk about how the in-crowd is tiring of Lady Gaga. And I have basically told Madonna to give it up now that Gaga has arrived on the scene. And yes, we, like all good gays, will continue to sing her praises. As will MAC. This spring Gaga joins…

Out verses Adam Lambert

Article: Out verses Adam Lambert

I love the drama involving Out magazine and Adam Lambert and our very own Michael Musto is smack dab in the middle of it. Story goes like this. Out publishes an Out 100 list every year honoring both gays and straights who accomplished something great the previous year. Being one of the first out gay performers…

Barbie just wants to have fun

Article: Barbie just wants to have fun

Barbie, long a brand that epitomizes wholesome, American values, has switched gears with the announcement of a new line of dolls in the likeness of 1980s pop music icons. Women, who were little girls during that decade of greed and outrageous fashion, assuredly will approve. Gay guys, who secretly worshipped both pop stars and Barbie dolls, will scream like little girls.

Equinox wants you to pump up the jams

Article: Equinox wants you to pump up the jams

When you pay $180 a month to work out a gym you expect more than just some clean towels and a working sauna. Thankfully, Equinox knows this and is doing some pretty interesting things to keep their patrons pumped up and energized. This Fall Equinox has partnered with an eclectic mix of musical artists-Dave Navarro, Michael Buble,…