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Street art of the times

Article: Street art of the times

This street art spotted in Toronto offers some cheeky advice with a sense of humor for these difficult economic times, although I’m not sure if laughter is the best medicine for people whose savings are running on fumes and rent is due. At least in Canada the unemployed don’t have to worry about health insurance.

Lady Gaga dollars

Article: Lady Gaga dollars

“ Craig Gleason has been doctoring George in the likeness of Lady Gaga and the results are fantastic. One could say that I’m absolutely gaga over them. View more here and you can buy them at Craig’s (slightly NSFW) blog.

Improv Everywhere's grocery store musical

Article: Improv Everywhere's grocery store musical

Improv Everywhere, a “comedic performance art group” has carved quite a name for itself especially in New York City with their various “culture jamming” stunts or what they call “missions” (mentioned previously right here). Some involve the recruitment of sometimes hundreds of people (See: Annual No Pants subway rides and MP3 summer missions) and others which involve just the members or “agents” of the improv group who take a surprised and sometimes confused public along for a fun and magical ride, such as their latest act. This time six agents enact a musical in a grocery store in Astoria, Queens.