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Music for my funeral

Article: Music for my funeral

David Kraftsow, an artist and programmer based in Brooklyn, has made waves on the Internet for his various projects that blur the line between culture jamming and art on the web, most notably his (rearranges any YouTube video into a sequential series of images) and First Person Tetris (playable version where instead of moving and rotating the blocks, you rotate the entire screen) earned him quite a bit of buzz even with the mainstream press…

Exemplary Works by Various Artists

Article: Exemplary Works by Various Artists

Titled “Title: Exemplary Works by Various Artists,” this art group (self described as “various artists’ agents for design, speculation and public nuisance”) placed in public spaces mock explanatory labels seen in art galleries thereby “claiming them from the property of the public realm and rebranding them as our own artworks.” I like how this adds…

TrustoCorp Products

Article: TrustoCorp Products

Previously mentioned culture jammers TrustoCorp hit New York City with these repackaged products which they placed in New York City stores ranging from delis and supermarkets to K-Mart, although I’m not sure if they misspelled bulimia on purpose. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to spell-check when making a social statement. View more here.