Remember the (crocheted) Alamo

Article: Remember the (crocheted) Alamo

Previously spotted covering the Wall Street Bull, Olek created buzz once again by wrapping another iconic New York City sculpture, Tony Rosenthal’s Astor Place Cube with her trademark pink and purple camouflage yarn, as seen in the picture above. Here’s a video of her in action installing this piece over the cube, or the “Alamo” as it’s officially named. If you walk around New York City long enough you’ll eventually stumble upon her smaller, guerrilla pieces like…

Needles out: grandma graffiti on the rise

Article: Needles out: grandma graffiti on the rise

Crochet artist Olek, from New York Magazine’s story on Home Design
Street art has taken a dramatically more domestic turn of late with the recent influx of yarn bombing: knitters who take their hobby outside of the home and to the sidewalks and lampposts in cities all over the world. Also called grandma graffiti, yarn bombers take their needles to the streets under the cover of nightfall to wrap public property in their colorful crocheted creations. Technically, it’s still considered vandalism, but most yarn bombers say police “are more likely to laugh at them than issue a summons.”

Crochet Banksy

Article: Crochet Banksy

Facts: I’m an unabashed fan of Banksy. And I love the crochet art of Agata Olek. One of my favorite chroniclers of street art Luna Park recently snapped this picture where Olek adapted her style and paid homage to this famous piece by Banksy on the West Bank barrier wall. Speaking of Banksy, this is…

Wall Street bull crocheted

Article: Wall Street bull crocheted

One of my favorite street artists is Agata Olek, whose crocheted items turns up in surprising ways and places. Her latest is the iconic Wall Street bull covered in some warm knitted yarn. [Via]