Creative bus stops

Article: Creative bus stops

Stop! Check out these fun and creative bus stop designs from around the world. While these are certainly neat, all I want are bus stops that give me a digital read of when the next bus is coming. This shouldn’t be too hard to ask considering we live in the twenty-first century aka the future.

Vivid Sydney : a burst of creativity and light

Article: Vivid Sydney : a burst of creativity and light

One of Eno’s brilliant lightworks projected onto Utzon’s masterpiece. Photo credit :

If you find yourself in the Land Down Under in the next month or so, be sure to make a stop in Sydney for the inaugural Vivid Sydney. Developed by Events NSW in partnership with the City Of Sydney, it will be the biggest international music and light festival in the Southern Hemisphere, showcasing the city as a major creative hub in the Asia-Pacific region and celebrating the diversity of Sydney’s creative industries.

Movie posters recreated as LEGO

Article: Movie posters recreated as LEGO

I don’t know if this is a symptom of the possibly disturbing revelation that I’ve never quite left my childhood in the past, but I’m of the opinion that anything recreated with LEGO equals instant amazingness and blog worthiness, such as these movie posters. And I think the most of the Internet seems to agree…

Creative swine flu surgical masks

Article: Creative swine flu surgical masks

The swine flu has not only unleashed a flood of fears and concerns, but also creativity. The surgical masks people have started to wear have also become a blank canvas for some to demonstrate their individuality, creativity and sense of humor. For example, take these Mexicans, who refuse to let a little thing like a…