Stitched Vogue covers

Article: Stitched Vogue covers

Inge Jacobsen, a photography student at London’s Kingston University, has gained a lot of recent attention for her intricately cross-stitched Vogue covers. The artist explains: With the over saturation of images, my practice seeks to intervene in this overwhelming consumption from the mass produced and alter it to create something unique. By using intricate and,…

Collection of rejected New Yorker cover ideas

Article: Collection of rejected New Yorker cover ideas

New York City based artist and teacher at SVA Tomer Hanuka shared some of his rejected New Yorker cover concepts. This one went so far as a final version, but I like this one above that he describes as “one about Winter / Valentine’s day / over-heated apartments / relationships.” Who knows, maybe it’s just…

Liza's back

Article: Liza's back

Bless the gay heavens as Liza Minnelli is back with a new album! Her hilarious cover of “Single Ladies” in this summer’s SEX AND THE CITY 2 was just enough to get us jonesing for a bit of a comeback. And this week Lady M delivers with a new album of covers.

"Stand By Me" covers: Bruce and Bono's duet and more

Article: "Stand By Me" covers: Bruce and Bono's duet and more

From the music time capsule, check out this old YouTube video of Bruce Springsteen joining Bono, who is sans sunglasses and wearing a cast, for a duet of “Stand By Me” at a U2 concert in Philly on September 25, 1987 during The Joshua Tree Tour. As one of the most played songs ever, its…

New Yorker covers via iPhone art

Article: New Yorker covers via iPhone art

Artist Jorge Colombo now has four New Yorker covers under his belt, which may or may not be his preferred method of carrying his iPhone, which also happens to be the tool that he uses to create and paint the art for these covers. As the iPhone and the apps have built quite a active…