Sundance Channel to examine luxury with fashion expert Joe Zee

Article: Sundance Channel to examine luxury with fashion expert Joe Zee

New York, NY – August 27, 2013 –Sundance Channel takes a fresh look at the fashion industry in four all-new specials featuring ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee, beginning with REVEALING: EXTRAVAGANCE, airing Friday, September 20th at 10 pm ET/PT. In the first installment, Zee examines how an obsession with luxury has become an addiction for modern society. Through a compelling and in-depth investigation of a real life Bling Ring, a gang of high-end thieves (‘The Rainbow Girls’), insider interviews and consumer experiments, Zee uncovers what our fixation with luxury brands means.

Accessorized with commentary from a high-end list of fashion contributors including: model, actress and entrepreneur Iman; fashion designers Zac Posen, Narciso Rodriguez and Carolina Herrera; Editorial Director of’s The Cut Stella Bugbee; models Kiara Kabukuru, China Machado and Andrej Pejic; historians David Eisenbach and Valerie Steele; psychologist April Benson; and luxury market expert Pamela Danziger, the first hour-long special stages three amusing yet revealing social experiments that place subjects at the mercy of luxury items and exposes their impact both physically and emotionally.

Sundance Channel greenlights third season of fashion series ALL ON THE LINE WITH JOE ZEE

Article: Sundance Channel greenlights third season of fashion series ALL ON THE LINE WITH JOE ZEE

Sundance Channel announced today it is renewing its hit fashion-rescue series ALL ON THE LINE WITH JOE ZEE for a third season. Starring Creative Director of ELLE Joe Zee, the series exposes viewers to the intense behind-the-scenes world of fashion design. In each episode, Zee encounters the challenging task of working with new designers—all in desperate need of help resuscitating their fashion line and protecting their livelihood. Season three of the series will include an all new set of struggling designers who will look to Zee protect their creative vision while helping them achieve commercial success. Not all designers will be up for the challenge of accepting Zee’s opinions, causing tension and sparking emotion. With this series, there are no guaranteed happy endings.

Where's my couture?

Article: Where's my couture?

The Fall 2009 couture collections have been surprisingly wearable, which is probably a good road to take for sales-minded designers, but not as much for me. When it comes to couture, the crazier the better. On that note I’d like to applaud Jean Paul Gaultier for being possibly the only designer to send some wonderfully unwearable stuff down the runway. Drawing inspiration from Hollywood from Bardot to Barbarella with a healthy dose of sci-fi corsetry, it was also one of the few shows that looked as if the designer was having fun.

A Dilettante's Dispatch:  Paris Couture

Article: A Dilettante's Dispatch: Paris Couture

A Dilettante’s Dispatch is a series of posts from a jet-setting friend of ours, Arturo. Watch for more in the coming days.

Just got in to Paris for my first couture, eating a croque monsieur on Charlot, admiring the cute scrawny French boys (though really wanting the fresh, curly haired and slightly brawny youth covering the street in tar).