Halloween costume wtf's, emotional vampires & spectrophilia, oh my!

Article: Halloween costume wtf's, emotional vampires & spectrophilia, oh my!

In honor of Halloween, here’s a round up of some fun love & sex stuff from the (spider) web:

What his Halloween costume says about him.
How to spot an emotional vampire.
10 Halloween costumes that should never be sexy.
Favorite spooky movie couples.
20 (more) WTF sexy Halloween costumes….

And the Mom of the Year Award goes to…

Article: And the Mom of the Year Award goes to…

If every mom in the U.S. was as awesome as this blogger, Nerdy Apple Bottom, we think you could successfully eradicate bullying, homophobia, sexism, and mean-ism in one fell swoop. Or at least make a huge dent in them. Here’s why: Her five-year-old son — who may or may not be gay and she’s totally okay with that either way — begged to dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo. At the last minute he started panicking that people would make fun of him. Turns out he shouldn’t have worried about his peers… it was the other moms who acted like overgrown Mean Girls. Under the guise of “concern” they questioned the blogger’s decision as a mother to let him do this, and expressed shock (and even disgust) that she hadn’t put her foot down and said no. Nerdy Apple Bottom writes:
Just as it was heartbreaking to those parents that have lost their children recently due to bullying. IT IS NOT OK TO BULLY. Even if you wrap it up in a bow and call it ‘concern.’ Those women were trying to bully me. And my son. MY son.

Halloween: The Gay Party Guide

Article: Halloween: The Gay Party Guide

Ke$HA + Sultry Cowboy = Party Perfection. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)
The question that my girlfriends and I always have around Halloween is where to go? This is everything, honey. This is the most important decision. Where you go can make or break the night. You need to make the right decisions.

You have two basic choices: a) find the sickest, most off-the-hook party or b) throw your own. Both are great ideas that can pay off big-time. But both have the possibility of, you know, totally blowing. I’ve broken up with fag hags because of their awful parties, so be warned.

Hooking up on Halloween

Article: Hooking up on Halloween

Now-that’s-what-I’m-talking-about. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)
In my previous entry around here I introduced myself and gave you, the professional fag hag, some pointers about Halloween. I am at it again. This time I want to talk about something even more important than your Halloween costume. It is what we all want on Halloween, whether we’re willing to admit it or not.

Halloween is all about Hooking Up, natch.

And what better night than Halloween to let that inner ho come out and see the light of day. We know you’re nasty, so stop acting all prissy. Strip off that twin-set, Muffy. We’ve got men to go after.

It's time for Halloween

Article: It's time for Halloween

It’s time to start thinking about all things Halloween: costumes, candy, and haunted houses. This photo shared on Reddit of people visiting a haunted house is hysterical to me. Recently I tweeted some topical Halloween costumes. 1. Partner up with a friend and be a DOUBLE RAINBOW. 2. Wear Brooklyn hoodie with BK-centric trash attached…

Peek into Mad Men's closet

Article: Peek into Mad Men's closet

My roommates finally got me hooked on Mad Men and like everyone else I’ve become quickly obsessed with the clothing, especially those suits (God, those lapels: Drool!). This video of Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant giving a tour of the closets of Don and Co. is a treat for any fan of the show.…

Tim Gunn critiques superhero costumes

Article: Tim Gunn critiques superhero costumes

Fashion guru Tim Gunn sits down with comic book historian Alan Kistler as they review and critique classic superheroes’ various costumes. I appreciate that Tim Gunn gives this topic his trademark sincerity and serious attention. Gunn sounds genuinely fascinated by the history and context of these crime-fighting and world-saving characters, instead of dismissing them as…

Halloween 2009 costume round up

Article: Halloween 2009 costume round up

As the post-Halloween haze lifts, lets take a moment to reflect back on some of the more imaginative, creative, and/or topical costumes from around the country that reverberated around the Internet and blogosphere this week. My favorite this year fell on the surreal artsy side of things. Artist Eric Testroete built a “papercraft self-portrait,” which reminds me of those easter egg modes in video games that turns all the characters heads into “big heads.” More after the jump.

I "licht" this Lichtenstein costume

Article: I "licht" this Lichtenstein costume

Halloween can be a source of stress for many over-anxious people as the burden of selecting a costume becomes nerve-racking process the closer the witching hour approaches. The Internet provides a wondeful source of inspiration as well as costumes to avoid, but of all the various costume ideas I’ve seen online, I “licht” this “real life” Lichtenstein costume the most. Click after the jump for a few photos of the process behind this costume.

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Article: The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

It was an appropriately wet day for Saturday’s Mermaid Parade, but a little rain wasn’t enough to make the bevy of topless mermaids cover up their pasties. It was my first Mermaid Parade, and from the pictures I’ve seen I was under the impression that it would be an endless train of half naked young women, but in fact I’ve never seen more older women wearing less clothing than I did that afternoon. What is it about parades and Halloween that produces this effect on the 50+ club?