Ludo Bites – lost and found in translation

Article: Ludo Bites – lost and found in translation

Careful, there’s foie gras in those cupcakes!
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More savory wit from our featured food blogger Diana Hossfeld, who writes the food blog Diana Takes a Bite.
The first time I ate foie gras was two years ago at Ludo Bites in Los Angeles. I hated it. The muddy-colored lobe had been chopped into thumb-sized chunks and surreptitiously slipped into a miso soup with rhubarb, hibiscus and beets. I didn’t understand it – I didn’t want to understand it. I just wanted it to go away. And I wanted to replace it with things I was used to ingesting in my miso soup – tofu, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms – not foie gras.

Dean Martin's burger recipe

Article: Dean Martin's burger recipe

The Rat Pack’s swagger is so potent that it’s reflected even in a recipe, as evidenced in Dean Martin’s simplistic burger recipe. Speaking of burgers, this is one of the more odd related stories I’ve come across: J.D. Salinger was a big fan of Burger King.

STOVEMAN: Bringing clean cook stoves to the developing world

Article: STOVEMAN: Bringing clean cook stoves to the developing world

Episode 1: Woodwalk from The Paradigm Project on Vimeo.

You may consider cooking a necessity, or maybe even a hobby… but probably not a health risk. For over two billion people in the developing world that still cook over open fires, though, cooking is hazardous: not only is it responsible for millions of deaths from lower respiratory disease, but it’s also a contributor to deforestation (and subsequent degradation of land quality). Additionally, in wood-poor regions, it’s a practice that requires a lot of time… women may spend most of one day collecting cooking wood that will last for only two days.

Vegan cooking meets heavy metal

Article: Vegan cooking meets heavy metal

“Heavy metal vegan” may strike you as an oxymoron… but, then, until a few months ago, Fair Trade organic coffee by Rob Zombie may well have had the same effect. Despite the head-banging, leather-wearing clichès, veganism has found its way into metal culture… and a couple of web-savvy headbangers are creating online cooking shows devoted to this niche.

Green tech finds (4/28/11)

Article: Green tech finds (4/28/11)

Together we all go solar. from Solar Mosaic on Vimeo.

A classic hybrid for sale, more poop to power, and solar kits at Costco… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Are you ready for an electric vehicle? A new smart phone app and companion website from BMW tracks your current driving habits to show whether you’re ready to transition to an EV. (via Crisp Green)

  • Crowdfunding community solar: Berkeley company Solar Mosaic creates a marketplace for individuals to invest in (and get paid from) community solar installations. See how it works above… (via Care2)

Kibera slums community turns trash into cooking fuel

Article: Kibera slums community turns trash into cooking fuel

Extreme poverty, opens sewers, and lots and lots of trash: all are a part of normal conditions in Kenya’s Kibera. One of the largest slums in Africa, Kibera’s lack of sanitation services (or almost any government services) makes it a hotbed for disease. But an organization based within the community, Ushiriki Wa Safi, has implemented a concept that can help with at least one aspect of the unhealthy environment: using the massive piles of trash as fuel for community cookers for residents.

Thanksgiving all-in-one cake

Article: Thanksgiving all-in-one cake

Since the end of Halloween means it’s open season for retailers to shove their Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday sales and promotions down consumers oh-so-eager throats, it’s not too early to share this Thanksgiving-related item. What you’re seeing is not just a cake. No sir. It’s a cake that includes practically all the main fixings of…

Extreme makeover: fancy fast food edition

Article: Extreme makeover: fancy fast food edition

Fancy Food is a website where users submit before and after photos and recipes of their classy culinary creations and dishes using only their limitless imagination and ingredients from fast food chains. Devon Knight and Jason Isch of Cornerstore Restaurateur submitted this delicious looking “Seared Pollock Cake with Southwest Ramalan Sauce” made with just the following items from the McDonald’s menu: Filet-O-Fish, Southwest Salad, 1 soft drink, and packets of salt and pepper.

The rhyming chef: a foodie rapper

Article: The rhyming chef: a foodie rapper

Mix one part chef, one part rapper, and one part the ladies man, and you’ll get Philman George aka The Rhyming Chef. A Canadian-born chef executive chef, George also hosts a cooking show where he humorously weaves love advice for the guys along with raps into his directions on how to cook various plates. I…

Recipe Look: cooking without words

Article: Recipe Look: cooking without words

For visual learners, like myself, using cookbooks can be troublesome. All those words and no pictures? This is not how I learn or work. It is wonderful then that the folks over at Recipe Look have taken a new approach to cooking in their online recipe collection. Their blog features plenty of recipes. The kicker:…

Trailer: Meryl Streep as Julia Child

Article: Trailer: Meryl Streep as Julia Child

Via the excellent cooking site Simply Recipes, here’s the trailer for JULIE AND JULIA, Nora Ephron’s upcoming film based on Julie Powell’s book by the same name. Subtitled “My Year of Cooking Dangerously” and inspired by a blog she maintained during the project, the book was Powell’s memoir of reinventing her life by cooking every…