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Palin Goes Down the "Tubes" with Sen. Stevens

Article: Palin Goes Down the "Tubes" with Sen. Stevens

One of the benefits of being a relative unknown in the world of national politics is you can establish your own personal narrative, creating an image for yourself through lies and selective memory that, in time, can become difficult to refute once it’s established as conventional wisdom. Some lies are so big, so massively enormous…

Voter: What's Your Type?

Article: Voter: What's Your Type?

University of Iowa Professor and author of the book, How Voters Decide [], David Redlawsk has broken down how voters make decisions into four categories of voters: confirmative, fast & frugal, intuitive, and rational. Confirmative: These voters vote along party lines. The look for any additional information they gather to further confirm their beliefs. Fast…

Obama Warns Supporters: "Don't Get Cocky"

Article: Obama Warns Supporters: "Don't Get Cocky"

Feeling good, Obama supporters? That was a pretty good debate run Barack had. Conventional wisdom was that he bested John McCain in three straight, with undecided voters declaring him the victor in each one. Obama’s got the ‘Big Mo’ now. The Republican party is a discredited mess, and with the economy being what it is,…