Vimeo Festival returns with your best shot at a 2012 festival premiere

Article: Vimeo Festival returns with your best shot at a 2012 festival premiere

The 2012 Vimeo Festival + Awards: Submissions now open! from Vimeo Festival + Awards on Vimeo.

Face it, you were not nominated for a Golden Globe and your chances for an Oscar don’t look good, either. It’s ok, though… there is a film award you can still win. Look no further than the Vimeo Film Festival and Awards.

Write a haiku, win a sex toy

Article: Write a haiku, win a sex toy

Over on our home base blog we’re running a contest to give away the Oden, a brand new, luxury, wireless remote-controlled, vibrating couples’ ring from Lelo. But we figured, hey, the holidays are upon us, why not spread the (potential for) love and open it up to all you fabulous SUNfiltered readers? The Oden is part of Lelo’s new Insignia line of pleasure objects that allows you or your partner to control the sensations wirelessly with just the tilt of a hand. Yes, iPhone and Wii technology has finally made it into your bedroom. It goes for $179 – so here’s your chance to score big with little effort and zero cash!

2011 World Yo-Yo contest winner

Article: 2011 World Yo-Yo contest winner

When I was a kid growing up in Alaska, in between bouts of fighting bears, climbing the tallest peak in all of North America (What you got, Texas?) and shouting obscenities in Russian at our Russian neighbors across the pond with Sarah Palin, I went through a yo-yo phase. Didn’t we all? (Answer “yes” so I feel better about this.) I was so proud when I finally learned a couple yo-yo tricks, like how to “walk the dog” and “go ’round the world.” I definitely had an extra swagger as I strutted around in my MC Hammer pants after that. (Speaking of MC Hammer, check out this amazing vintage DIY pattern for Hammer pants.) Anyway, this winning performance by Shinji Saito in the finals of the 2011 World Yo-Yo Contest just retroactively killed all my youthful braggadocio.

R.E.M. Album Giveaway

Article: R.E.M. Album Giveaway

Still from R.E.M: THIS IS NOT A SHOW

To celebrate the upcoming screenings of R.E.M’s amazing concert film, THIS IS NOT A SHOW on Sundance Channel (airing March 1st at 6 p.m. and March 7th at 6:35 p.m.), Sundance Channel will be giving away copies of R.E.M’s double live album, R.E.M. Live At The Olympia, to 20 lucky viewers. Be one of the first 10 viewers to login and comment on this very blog post on, following either the March 1st 6 p.m. EST (eastern standard time) screening or the March 7th PST (pacific standard time) screening on Sundance Channel and you can win this amazing two-CD set, produced by Jacknife Lee.

World Beard and Moustache Championships

Article: World Beard and Moustache Championships

In advance of the World Beard and Moustache Championships to be held in Norway next spring, the US Nationals to determine our representative will take place this year on June 5, 2010 in Bend, Oregon. The US ran the tables in last year’s world championship which was held in the town that raised me, Anchorage,…

The Saudi Arabia of cliches

Article: The Saudi Arabia of cliches

A view of one of the Saudi Arabias of wind — Texas The US’ discussion over our energy future hasn’t just produced many innovative ideas for harnessing cleaner and renewable sources of power; it’s also given rise to its own collection of cliches.  Arguably, the most prevalent among these is “_______ (a location) is the…



Every male creature on the planet has a unique “piece of equipment” specifically designed by mother nature to work “hand in glove” with the female of its species. Are you up to the challenge of matching nature’s creatures with their appropriate “features?” To take the challenge go to any of the 4 participating blogs below.…

The future of storytelling – from Soderbergh to YouTube

Article: The future of storytelling – from Soderbergh to YouTube

Editor’s note: this is a new weekly editorial column from filmmakers Annie Howell and Lisa Robinson that will primarily focus on the evolution of film storytelling in this age of inexpensive, ubiquitous digital cameras and computer-based media. Watch for it every Wednesday. Welcome to our column! We are two filmmakers toiling away in the trenches,…

Kill your toxic vibrator today

Article: Kill your toxic vibrator today

photo: Little Chromas by Jimmyjane In honor of Earth Day, high-end sex toy creator Jimmyjane is asking you to kill your toxic vibe: post of photo or a description on their Facebook page by next Wed, April 29th, of what they’re calling a “decommissioning ceremony” of any crap sex toy you may have (i.e. it’s…