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Graffiti cocktail shaker

Article: Graffiti cocktail shaker

This spray can shaped cocktail shaker from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago combines two of my interests: well-mixed cocktails and street art.

2011 Armory Show epic roundup

Article: 2011 Armory Show epic roundup

Like last year, I’ve compiled an epic photo roundup of the art that caught my eye at this year’s Armory Show, a leading contemporary art show. This year I was also lucky enough to be included (Thanks Paul!) in the Armory Show’s opening benefit party held at the Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday night. The party included a fashionable and festive crowd that enjoyed the live performance of Kate Nash and her big bow headpiece, the DJing of Justin Miller and Will Robbins, and of course the ever-popular open bar.

Bandwidth warning: Lost of photos and more after the jump, including one awesome surprise guest appearance (at least for this fanboy)…

The Hammer ups its contemporary collection

Article: The Hammer ups its contemporary collection

“Pentheus” (2010) by Elliot Hundley
Ever since 2005 the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles has made it their mission to acquire a contemporary collection of art from WWII to the present with a focus on work made in Southern California; In only 5 years they’ve amassed nearly 1,500 works in a wide range of mediums from drawing and sculpture to film and video.

Phaidon gets Creamier

Article: Phaidon gets Creamier

“Debora Muller,” by Roe Ethridge, 2008
Phaidon is hitting heavy this month with two major releases, “Take 100: The Future of Film,” which profiles 100 of the world’s most promising new directors and “Creamier.” “Creamier is the fifth book in the celebrated “Cream” series, which has served as a forecaster of contemporary art since 1998. Like its predecessors, “Creamier” showcases the 100 most exciting emerging artists chosen by the world’s top 10 curators. Each curator chooses 10 artists each as well as one key work, which are compiled in an appendix and represent the 10 most “relevant or influential” individual works in today’s art scene.

MOCA: the first 30 years

Article: MOCA: the first 30 years

Robert Rauschenberg’s “Small Rebus” It seems crazy that MOCA, one of the most important and influential contemporary art museums in the world has only been around for 30 years, and I suppose it speaks to the ingenuity of its founders that it has made such an impact in that time. To celebrate its 30th birthday,…

Glue Society, It wasn't meant to end like this

Article: Glue Society, It wasn't meant to end like this

The Glue Society (their website is a must see), a creative collective created this captivating installation titled “It wasn’t meant to end like this” for the Sculpture by the Sea festival hosted in Aarhus in Denmark. [Via]

Jonathan Monk, The Inflated Deflated

Article: Jonathan Monk, The Inflated Deflated

Jonathan Monk’s “The Inflated Deflated” installation takes a cheeky aim at Jeff Koons, specifically his iconic “Rabbit” sculpture, as well as the “deflating” contemporary art market.

See more images from “The Inflated Deflated” exhibit…