Heartwarming Japanese bullet-train commercial goes viral

Article: Heartwarming Japanese bullet-train commercial goes viral

Tokyo Mango shared this heartwarming Japanese commercial promoting a new bullet train getting cheered on as it made its “debut trip across the southern island of Kyushu on March 12, just one day after the earthquake.” The spot was pulled from the airwaves for fears of insensitivity after the earthquake, but it quickly went viral…

Kids Do The Darnedest Things!

Article: Kids Do The Darnedest Things!

What does a child simulating sex with naked Barbie and Ken dolls have to do with reading the daily paper? We’re not entirely sure, but this Danish commercial seems to be suggesting that both activities are an ordinary part of daily life. Based on our own life experiences, we couldn’t agree more.

Human skateboard

Article: Human skateboard

Created for a shoe company by PES, this stop motion animated video of a skateboarders riding a “human skateboard” is very pretty sweet, although I can’t help but think how uncomfortable the “skateboard” was during the shoot of it. Also, check out these previous skateboarding-centric entries here. Lastly, here’s a wall shelf made from a…

Amazing Tokyo time-lapse

Article: Amazing Tokyo time-lapse

In this gorgeous ad for the watch company Citizen, buildings implode and explode, lights dance in complex arrays, and shadows engulf entire parks. The ad was created by the Japanese agency WOW for a watch- and jewelry-industry trade show called Baselworld.