Vintage Coke can designs

Article: Vintage Coke can designs

I know that maintaining “consistency” in a “brand” is “important,” but I wish more companies would play with their packaging, like Coke did at one point as seen in these vintage and still hip cans:

Green tech finds (6/18/09)

Article: Green tech finds (6/18/09)

Deutsche Bank’s online carbon counter

Phones, flashlights, and sweet solar-powered rides… all that and more in this week’s green tech finds.

Funding priorities: Is a national smart grid the best investment right now? Or would local micro-grids fed by renewable power serve us better?
More proof that teenagers do know it all: Fourteen-year-old David S. Dixon built “a street-legal quadricycle with a solar-powered electric motor” for a middle school project. (via Gas 2.0)