Greener consumption: the tech and more edition

Article: Greener consumption: the tech and more edition

Not a techie, but still want to find out the latest on the green products front? No problem: we’ve expanded our weekly green tech finds into a broader array of products with a light footprint. This week: turn off the lights from work, and buy a bamboo toothbrush for yourself and someone else.

Casting designers for season 3 of ALL ON THE LINE!

Article: Casting designers for season 3 of ALL ON THE LINE!

Joe Zee – Creative Director for ELLE – is not only one step ahead of the trends…he defines them. Now, Joe is using his style smarts and eye for detail to guide struggling fashion designers back on the road to success. With insider savvy, a positive spirit, and a double dose of tough love, Joe inspires these struggling designers to rekindle their creative fire before their line goes down in flames.

Green tech finds – 7/28/11

Article: Green tech finds – 7/28/11

(Fe) Catalytic Clothing from Protein® on Vimeo.

We get a little more fashionable than usual in this week’s green tech finds: from Linda Loudermilk’s compostable bikini, to a cutting-edge design for an RV (really!), to air-purifying clothing.

The film set trailer goes green: King Kong Production claims its Helios Solar Hybrid Production Trailer can run a full day on the built-in solar and biodiesel generators. So, no fossil emissions from a pampered celeb who’s late to set.

The sleek, all-electric RV: Okay, you likely never associate words like “sleek” or “cutting edge” with recreational vehicles, but NAU’s Ecco Camper may just change that. (via Crisp Green)

Putting local goods back in Rwanda

Article: Putting local goods back in Rwanda

You might be surprised to learn that many so-called African fabrics – fabrics that you buy in Africa and are called African fabrics – are actually made outside of the continent. On a recent trip to Rwanda, designers Eugenia Morpugo and Maya Ben David were shocked to find out that none of Rwanda’s “local fabrics” come from Africa, let alone Rwanda. To find out why that was, Morpugo and Ben David founded Atelier Rwanda and launched a research project to explore the local materials and techniques available in Rwanda in order to create economic opportunities and support the identity of the local culture.

Solar clothing: from the beach to the runway

Article: Solar clothing: from the beach to the runway

Got to have your gadgets with you when you hit the beach? Need your tunes with you while you sunbathe, or don’t want to miss calls? Fear not: designer Andrew Schneider’s solar bikini (which first received attention in the concept stage) has hit the market (only for custom orders, though). Yes, you can swim in it (though you need to dry off before connecting any gadgets), and yes, there’s a version for guys on the way (that includes a solar-powered beer-cooling coozy).

20 iconic musicians' clothing

Article: 20 iconic musicians' clothing

Can you identify all 20 iconic musicians in the latest poster from Moxy Creative? You can also get posters of each individual outfit. I also like their poster of famous eyeglass frames. [Via]

Peek into Mad Men's closet

Article: Peek into Mad Men's closet

My roommates finally got me hooked on Mad Men and like everyone else I’ve become quickly obsessed with the clothing, especially those suits (God, those lapels: Drool!). This video of Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant giving a tour of the closets of Don and Co. is a treat for any fan of the show.…

Want to know the lifecycle of your clothes? Track & Trace it

Article: Want to know the lifecycle of your clothes? Track & Trace it

If you watched the second episode of ECO TRIP, you’re already aware of the lifecycle of a cotton t-shirt. But what about other items in your closet? Dutch non-profit Made-By (a project of Fair Trade NGO Solidaridad) has released Track & Trace, a web-based application that allows you to see the complete journey of a garment from a participating brand, complete with Google Maps.