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<i>Cleverman</i> Season 2 Recap

Cleverman Season 2 Recap

Jarrod Slade brings Koen West’s corpse to his lab after recovering it from the Zone. Koen transforms into a falcon and escapes.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 206 (Borrowed Time)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 206 (Borrowed Time)

Charlotte tells Waruu that Slade was planning to remove her fetus and reveals that the baby is Hairy. Waruu agrees not to tell anyone.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 205 (Skin)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 205 (Skin)

Koen saves an Inclusion Initiative Hairy from bullies on the street.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 204 (Muya)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 204 (Muya)

Waruu nudges Koen’s lifeless body on his kitchen floor. Koen springs to life, grabs his nulla nulla and flees. The wound on his throat heals, but only partially.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 203 (Dark Clouds)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 203 (Dark Clouds)

Yani quietly leaves the Hairy hideout and gives herself up to Containment Authority officers in the city.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 202 (Bindawu)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 202 (Bindawu)

Jarli rummages for junk in the city streets. He uses a mystical language to silence a barking dog.

<i>Cleverman</i> Recap: Episode 201 (Revival)

Cleverman Recap: Episode 201 (Revival)

McIntyre delivers Koen’s corpse to Slade in a body bag. A light emanates from the bag as Slade unzips it. A bird emerges and flies outside, where it transforms into Koen. Koen looks down at his body and sees that it’s riddled with bullet holes.

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 106 (Terra Nullius)

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 106 (Terra Nullius)

Charlotte (Frances O’Connor) is concerned about the rapid growth of her fetus, but Slade (Iain Glen) comforts her.

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 105 (A Man of Vision)

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 105 (A Man of Vision)

At his lab, Jarrod Slade is thrilled by new results. Later he takes Charlotte to the lab, now outfitted as a phony fertility clinic, where she undergoes an experimental procedure in hopes of conceiving.

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 104 (Sun and Moon)

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 104 (Sun and Moon)

An unearthly creature, seen only in shadow, kills a woman resting on the porch of a retirement community. The next day’s news reveal that she was one of several victims, who all had their hearts ripped out.

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 103 (A Free Ranger)

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 103 (A Free Ranger)

A traumatized Waruu (Rob Collins) reviews footage from his and Harry’s (Isaac Drandic) prison break-in on his wearable camera while soaking himself in a bath. Waruu refuses to let Nerida (Jada Alberts) in to talk to him.

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 102 (Containment)

“CLEVERMAN” Recap: Episode 102 (Containment)

A young boy is viciously murdered during soccer practice, his heart ripped out of his chest just like Jimmy’s was.

CLEVERMAN Recap: Episode 101 (First Contact)

CLEVERMAN Recap: Episode 101 (First Contact)

In the not-so-distant future, a not-quite-human species long thought to exist only in indigenous Australian mythology has recently been discovered living in tribes deep in the outback.