Best. Craigslist Ad. Ever.

Article: Best. Craigslist Ad. Ever.

Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating a little here, but this Craigslist ad by a guy looking for a crash pad in San Fran (titled “Best. Roommate. Ever.”) is a lesson in self-promotion: he’s confident, hilarious, and enthusiastic (understatement of the year). Kinda makes you want to take what he’s on. Okay, maybe in reality he’s a little bit crazy (there’s just a hint of Charlie Sheen there), but that would probably make for an interesting and entertaining short-term living situation, at least. Below is just a taste of his ad. We’d love to see his online dating profile.

New season of Craigslist TV

Article: New season of Craigslist TV

A few weeks ago, Craigslist TV (on YouTube) launched their second season of mini-documentaries based on real Craigslist ads. (Watch the trailer for the series here.) If you think reading the ads is great entertainment for inducing second-hand embarrassment, try watching them. There’s “Charity’s Casting Call for a Husband” and “Hollywood Superheroes Unite” and “Michael…