Christoph Niemann

Political rock-paper-scissors

Article: Political rock-paper-scissors

Our design crush Christoph Niemann’s latest illustration for his Abstract Sunday art column in the New York Times Sunday Magazine takes the hand gesture game of “rock, paper, scissors” and updates it for the modern political era. If kids can use this classic game to settle disputes such as who gets the last piece of pie (I will fight you to the death if it’s strawberry rhubarb) or as a tie breaker in the game of shotgun aka who-gets-the-front-seat, then perhaps it can work for the gridlocked politicians in Washington by following some of these new additional gestures invented by Niemann. I feel like President Obama has been using a lot of “pretty please with a cherry on top.” Not permitted: the middle finger.

When the taxman meets the Easter bunny

Article: When the taxman meets the Easter bunny

The latest topical gem from Christoph Niemann’s “Abstract Sunday” comments on that time of the year that kids really enjoy (chocolates! candy! painting eggs!) and some adults dread (taxman cometh!).

Covering Christoph Niemann's nuclear flowers

Article: Covering Christoph Niemann's nuclear flowers

The New Yorker has an interesting look behind the process that led to the final design of their recent cover (see above) created by Christoph Niemann (a SUNfiltered favorite) which reflects the delicate ongoing struggle and tragedy in Japan. This assignment was difficult because, as Niemann explained, “A drawing often comes across as lighthearted, and…

"Let it Dough!"

Article: "Let it Dough!"

Christoph Niemann, a SUNfiltered favorite around these parts, is back with “Let It Dough,” a new amusing tale for the holidays in this Abstract City blog in the New York Times.

Unpopular Science

Article: Unpopular Science

Based on supercomplicated physical observations, Einstein concluded that two objects may perceive time differently. Based on simple life experience, I have concluded that this is true. SunFiltered fave Christoph Niemann published his latest gem of insightful illustrations in his New York Times blog Abstract City. Titled Unpopular Science, Niemann depicts how “whether we like it…

Christoph Niemann's 2010 weather forecast

Article: Christoph Niemann's 2010 weather forecast

February 28: Local fog for bespectacled people entering warm room. Previously mentioned award-winning artist Christoph Niemann posted on his New York Times blog, Abstract City, an illustrated weather forecast for 2010. It’s quite amusing and oh-so-true, especially his prediction for “Spontaneous showers and umbrella purchases” on March 10, 2010. I think I went through over…

An illustrated story about coffee

Article: An illustrated story about coffee

I think it’s safe to assume that many friends and family of Sundance Channel and SUNfiltered are addicted to the delightful taste and the ritual of drinking coffee. As a sanity check, I myself recently downsized to a one cup per diem regiment. The whole eye-twitching from drinking too much coffee might have also had…